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Why Us?

Our coding education courses enable you to earn pre-approved CEUs from AAPC and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). So if you’re looking to fulfill your annual CEU renewal requirements, consider our courses as a timely alternative. There’s even special pricing on the CD-ROM format for AAPC/AHIMA members, averaging around 25% off the regular price!
  • We are the leading creator and provider of CD-based continuing education courses with preapproved AAPC CEUs. All of our courses with preapproved AAPC CEUs also earn the same quantity of AHIMA CEUs upon submission.
  • CD-based format allows you to proceed … any time, any place. From the convenience of any Windows PC with a CD-ROM drive (and no Internet connection needed!), you can complete our CD-ROM based courses and earn the associated quantity of CEUs for your credential. With Cloud-CD™, you can use any Apple Mac or Windows PC with Internet access, to use your CD course without a CD drive!
  • Work at your own speed, quickly or leisurely. Work on the course at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you, at the office, at home, or even on the road. Because our courses are completely self-contained on CD, nothing is installed on your computer. You just insert the CD, or access the Cloud-CD™, each time and pick up where you left off.
  • Interactive format makes for interesting learning. The interactive format gives you practice exercises and immediate feedback on your answers to the practice questions. This makes it more interesting than hardcopy-based training courses.
  • Comprehensive and specialty topics. In the past, we offered courses with preapproved CEUs such as: the 18-CEU Dive Into ICD-10, a “dive” into the structure of the ICD-10 system, 18-CEU E/M from A to Z, an in-depth look at evaluation and management services in the CPT, and Primary Care Primer: CPT Coding for Primary Care, a review of coding for primary care. We also offered the 16-CEU The Where’s and When’s of ICD-10, covering ICD-10 reporting guidelines. One of our specialty courses, Walking Through the ASC Codes (Ambulatory Surgery Centers), offered 15 CEUs. Our shorter courses, lower-priced with fewer CEUs, included Coding with Heart: CPT for Cardiology, with 12 CEUs, covering coding cardiology services. Charting E/M Audits and Prime Time: ICD-10-CM for Primary Care both earned 11 CEUs each. Finally, Care Management - CPT Coding and CPT for Mental & Behavioral Health were our latest releases. As we continue to decide our next directions in continuing education, check back with our site regularly.
CD-ROM or Cloud-CD


There are two media options for our courses, CD-ROM and Cloud-CD™. The former requires you to have a CD/DVD drive connected to your computer, and the latter requires Internet access.


Why even offer CD-ROM media? Turns out that in some parts of the country, Internet service is not as fast or as consistent as a user would like. That's when having the course completely self-contained on CD-ROM, with nothing to download or upload, frees the user from the annoyance of interrupted connections.

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